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In harmony


There are three basic elements of the cosmos that have always been respected in Japanese culture. The first is “天” - heaven,  the second is “地” – earth, and the third is “人” - man. They are known as the three elements that create harmony within the meaning of “The timing of the cosmos, the use of the earth, and the heart of the people”.


When these three elements are in harmony, things flow well, smoothly and successfully so in olden times Japanese warriors would make sure that these elements were in their best possible state when they made important decisions or proceeded in their battles. In the same way, when things don’t seem to work, you can reflect on the three elements and redesign or re-plan your intentions. Sometimes it is best to wait for the right timing or sometimes you will realise the intention itself should not be carried out.

Copper, acrylic, Sumi ink on canvas

81.5cm x 244.5cm (triptych)


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