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Junko holds Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) and painting (Sumi-e) workshops around Melbourne at galleries, schools, organisations and cultural events. She also holds online lessons for people who are not able to attend an onsite workshop and also private lessons. Junko can work with you to create a program to meet your needs from 45 mins to whole day introductory experience workshops.

In the workshop, you will prepare your own ink then learn to make and use different Sumi ink tones and brush techniques to create traditional Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) or ink painting (Sumi-e) on rice paper.

With Sumi-e, you will learn to feel and capture the meaning of objects from nature with your interpretation then you will express the objects variously with brush pressure, rhythm, tones and confidence in your strokes. You'll not only learn brush stroke techniques but also experience the whole process and understand yourself through your work.

With Shodo, you will learn various brush techniques, calligraphy styles, stroke order and balance of Japanese characters as well as the history of calligraphy and the meaning of Japanese characters so you don't need to know any Japanese to begin. 

Upcoming workshops

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@ Japaneasy (70mins Sumi-e / stamp carving workshop)

Address: L1, 152 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC

Let's experience Sumi-e Japanese ink art or make your own signature stamp, or both!

Japanese ink art workshop:

Let's experience Sumi-e and create a unique piece of art to take home. Sumi-e is the ancient art of Japanese brush painting. Traditionally, paintings feature subjects from nature.

There is much more to creating an image during the process of Sumi-e, it is also meditative practice to explore and express your inner self.

You will learn to use different ink tones and brush techniques to create some simple and expressive paintings on Japanese Washi paper such as cherry blossom
s and cranes. All the materials will be provided and all ages are welcome :)

Hanko stamp carving workshop:

The red stamps or seals are often seen in traditional Japanese artwork and documents. This seal is used in place of a signature and is an important part of traditional Japanese culture. 


In this workshop, you will design and carve your own Hanko stamp. You can use it for your artwork, photographs, Christmas cards, as your business logo and more. Please bring your reading glasses if you use them as you will be carving a small stone with a small chisel. All materials are provided. Suitable for people aged over 12.

10 Dec 2023 Sun 11:00am - 12:10pm Cherry blossoms ink art fully booked

10 Dec 2023 Sun 12:30pm - 1:40pm Crane ink art fully booked

10 Dec 2023 Sun 2pm - 4pm Hanko stamp carving fully booked

details and bookings:

@ Mystic River (2 hour Japanese calligraphy / Sumi-e workshop)

Address: Southgate Shopping Centre (Level 1), 3 Southgate Avenue, Southbank, VIC

5 May 2024 Sun 10am - 12pm Japanese calligraphy - 2 spots left!

4 Aug 2024 Sun 10am - 12pm Landscape

10 Nov 2024 Sun 10am - 12pm Birds

details and booking:

@ Living & Learning Centre Nillumbik (3 hour Sumi-e workshop)

Address: 739 Main Rd, Eltham VIC

This is a monthly workshop. If you want to keep learning Sumi-e, this is the one to join! You will learn something different each time and your practice will improve. You will be able to learn both calligraphy (Shodo) and painting (Sumi-e) of your choice.

2 Jun 2024 Sun 10am - 1pm beginners class

16 Jun 2024 Sun 10am - 1pm ongoing class - fully booked

details and booking:
(03) 9433 3744

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@ Melbourne Art Class (Sumi-e / stamp making workshop)

Union studio: Level 1, 85 Union St, Armadale VIC

Glenferrie studio: 817B Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC

24 Mar 2024 Sun 10am - 1pm beginners class (Glenferrie studio)

24 Mar 2024 Sun 2pm - 4:30pm ongoing class (Glenferrie studio)

28 Apr 2024 Sun 10am - 1pm beginners class (Union studio)

28 Apr 2024 Sun 1pm - 4:30pm ongoing class (Union studio)

19 May 2024 Sun 2pm - 4:30pm Hanko stamp making class (Union studio)

30 Jun 2024 Sun 1pm - 3:30pm Japanese calligraphy class (Union studio)

details and booking:

@ Melbourne Art Class (2 hour x 3 week short corse)

Address: 817B Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC

(level 1, via the laneway about 50m south of the Barkers Rd intersection)

2, 9 & 16 Oct 2023 Mon 10am - 12pm

Junko will guide you through painting four traditional images that contain the basic strokes that every sumi-e artist masters: The Four Gentlemen.The Four Gentlemen is a collective noun for four plants. Many neighbouring countries, including Japan, adopted the four gentlemen into their traditional art practises.


Beginner sumi-e artists focus on The Four Gentlemen because of their refined beauty, and the fundamental brushstrokes used to create them.

details and booking:

@ Gloworm Studios (2.5 hour Sumi-e workshop)

Address: 11 Railway Place, Fairfield VIC

28 Jan 2024 Sun 3pm - 5:30pm - beginners - fully booked

21 Apr 2024 Sun 3pm - 5:30pm - beginners

details and booking:

@ YAVA Gallery & Arts Hub (3 hour Sumi-e workshop) 

Address: 252A Maroondah Highway, Healesville VIC

12 May 2024 Sun 10am - 1pm beginners

details and booking:

@ Box Hill Community Arts Centre (2 hour Sumi-e workshop)

Address: 470 Station St, Box Hill VIC

26 May 2024 Sun 10am - 12pm Owl

26 May 2024 Sun 12:30pm - 2:30pm Koi fish

details and booking:
(03) 9895 8833

@ Camberwell Community Centre (5 week Sumi-e course)

Address: 33-35 Fairholm Grove Camberwell VIC 3124

23 Feb to 22 Mar 2024 Fridays 1pm - 3pm

24 May to 21 Jun 2024 Fridays 1pm - 3pm

details and booking:

(03) 9882 2611

0478 766 683

@ KAMI (2 hour Sumi-e workshop, Stamp making workshop)

Address: 375 Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065


17 Mar 2024 Sun 10am - 12pm Birds

14 Apr 2024 Sun 10am - 12pm Landscape - fully booked

14 Apr 2024 Sun 2pm - 4pm Hanko stamp making - fully booked

23 Jun 2023 Sun 10am - 12pm Lotus painting

details and booking:

(03) 9419 5735

@ Prahran Place Neighbourhood Centre  (Sumi-e workshop, Stamp making workshop)

Address: 40 Grattan St, Prahran VIC 3181

14 Sep 2024 Sat 2pm - 4:30pm Hanko stamp making

26 Oct 2024 Sat 1pm - 3:30pm Cherry blossoms

details and booking:

(03) 9510 7052

@ Artist Society of Canberra  (Japanese ink art 2 day short course)


9 Sun & 10 Mon June (long weekend) 2024 10am - 4pm

details and booking:

@ Yama Ki (Japanese ink art forest retreat)

Address: 1284 Don Rd, Don Valley VIC

24 Sep Sun 2023 10am - 4pm fully booked

The wisdom of nature - Japanese ink art forest retreat

This Japanese ink art retreat is a creative exploration amongst the Yarra Valley forest. Guided by the way of ink and connecting with our hearts, we will therapeutically explore how ink reflects our inner space and expression within. 

Art facilitation by Junko Azakawa and wholesome vegetarian organic lunch by Phuong Tang at Yama Ki.

Japanese ink art is a philosophy, it’s a way of living and an art form. Sumi soot ink painting began around the 8th century and then evolved as a Zen discipline in the Muromachi period in Japan. Ink painting has become a powerful way to express the moment and explore the connection between nature and inner self.
The retreat cost $225. All art material & lunch is provided. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements/allergies.

Self-contained accommodation is also available on the property (


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Recent invited workshops



National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.

St Ita’s Catholic Primary School, Melbourne.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Melbourne.

St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Primary School, Melbourne. 

Genazzano FCJ College, Melbourne.

Hobsons Bay Arts Society, Melbourne.

Ashby Primary School, Melbourne.

Westbourne Grammar School, Melbourne.

Emerald Hill Library and Heritage Centre, Melbourne.

Arts Inspire, Melbourne.

Nunawading Christian College, Melbourne.

Geelong Grammar School, Melbourne.

Convenant College, Melbourne.

Strathcona Girls Grammar School, Melbourne.

Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne.

Williamstown North Primary School, Melbourne.

Victoria University, Melbourne.

SEABUZZ Restaurant, Melbourne.

Cheltenham Primary School, VIC.
Kingswood College, VIC.
North Ringwood Community House, VIC.
Essendon Keilor College, VIC.
Chisholm Institute, Melbourne.

Parkdale Secondary College, Melbourne.

Chanoyu Spa, Melbourne.
International Conference In Health Care, Melbourne.
Lion Nathan Conference, Crown Casino, Melbourne.
Art Education Victoria Conference, Melbourne.
No Vacancy, Melbourne.
Peer Gallery, Sydney.
Boroondara Park Primary School, Melbourne.
St Anne's Primary school, Melbourne.
Solway Primary School, Melbourne.
Haileybury College, Melbourne.
Melton Secondary College, VIC.
Kilvington Girls' Grammar School, Melbourne.
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Melbourne.
Simonds Catholic College, Melbourne.
Made In Japan, Melbourne.
Orchard Grove Primary School, Melbourne.
Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.
The Centre Connecting Community, Melbourne.
Templestowe Park Primary School.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School.
RMIT University, Melbourne.
Mount Waverley Secondary College, Melbourne.
Ikebana International, Melbourne.
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne.
St Columba's College, Melbourne.
Xavier College, Melbourne.

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