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There are so many materials to choose from around the world. Here are Junko's favourite & picks for beginners to start Japanese ink art.

Starter kit

AU$75 + postage ($15 within Australia)

Brush for both Shodo and Sumie - 35mm x 8mm, weasel & horse hair mixed, handmade by Ikkyuen brand Japan

Fine brush for poem style calligraphy, details and signature - 19mm x 2.8mm, weasel hair, handmade by Ikkyuen brand Japan

Ink stick - grind on an ink stone with some water - 93mm x 20mm x 10mm

Ink stone - 133mm x 74mm x 19mm

60 sheets rice papers machine made(50) hand made(10)- 334mm x 242mm

15 models - calligraphy (8) & painting (9)

Brush AU$28

Fine brush AU$18

Ink stone + Ink stick AU$28

60 sheets rice papers AU$5

machine made (50) & hand made (10)

Stamp stone 13mm x 13mm (out of stock) AU$15

Stamp stone 16mm x 16mm AU$18

Red wax AU$10

Design & Carving AU$100

Models AU$5

Calligraphy (8) & Painting (9)

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