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There are so many materials to choose from around the world. Here are Junko's picks, good quality yet reasonable for beginners to start Japanese ink art.


Starter kit

AU$75 + postage ($15 within Australia)

Brush for both Shodo and Sumie - 35mm x 8mm, weasel & horse hair mixed, handmade by Ikkyuen brand Japan

Fine brush for poem style calligraphy, details and signature - 19mm x 2.8mm, weasel hair, handmade by Ikkyuen brand Japan

Ink stick - grind on an ink stone with some water - 93mm x 20mm x 10mm

Ink stone - 133mm x 74mm x 19mm

50 sheets papers - Hanshi paper(40) & Gasen paper(10)- 330mm x 240mm

15 models - calligraphy (8) & painting (9)


Brush AU$28

Fine brush AU$18


Ink stone + Ink stick AU$28

rice paper.jpg

Gasen paper thick (left) 350mm x 27mm, 15 sheets AU$10

Gasen paper thin (middle) 350mm x 240mm, 20 sheets AU$10

Hanshi paper thin (right) 330mm x 240mm, 40 sheets AU$5


Felt mat 45cm x 55cm AU$5

Put under the sheet of rice paper when you paint to protect your table from stains and keep some air under your artwork to help the ink bleed evenly. 

Stamp stone 12mm x 12mm AU$15

Stamp stone 15mm x 15mm AU$18

Stamp stone 18mm x 18mm AU$20

Red wax AU$10

Design & Carving AU$100


Models AU$5

Calligraphy (8) & Painting (9)

Please contact for order