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School incursion 2024

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1. Japanese calligraphy (書道 Shodo) workshop

You will learn basic brush techniques of Kaisho (block) calligraphy style, stroke order and how to write Japanese characters in beautiful balance. You will also learn the history of Japanese calligraphy and some Kanji characters. You don't need to know any Japanese to experience this workshop. The calligraphy word can be anything to practice in the workshop. Junko is happy to make a model for each session.

2. Japanese ink painting (墨絵 Sumi-e) workshop

You will learn the history of Sumi-e and the philosophy behind this simple art form. You will make and use different Sumi ink tones and brush techniques to create a traditional painting (e.g. bamboo, cherry blossoms, birds, Koi fish) You'll not only learn brush techniques but also experience the meditative process to express yourself.


AU$200 / 20mins - 60mins session

AU$250 / 61mins - 90mins session

AU$300 / 91mins - 120mins session

* minimum day rate $350

* all the materials will be provided

* if you are planning a session with 26 students or more, an additional $1pp for extra materials 

* travel expenses are included for the schools around Melbourne

* total amount + GST 10%

contact Junko for booking

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